Renewable Heating Oil

What is renewable heating oil? There are a couple of options available that are made from waste and 100% renewable and fossil-free but in general this refers to HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil).

Also known as green diesel, or renewable diesel, HVO diesel fuel is a renewable heating oil with differences that are both remarkable and distinctive and thus worth looking into a bit deeper.

Renewable Heating Oil

At present, it is also often double or more the cost of fossil kerosene heating oil, albeit much cleaner burning and with a net 90% cut in carbon emissions. In part this is because it is taxed as a road fuel like white diesel in the UK although its lighter density, feel, and flow characteristics are more like a kerosene or paraffin fuel than a mineral diesel gas oil would be.

It would be ideal if a stream of renewable heating oil that was HVO on a lower or rebated tax rate became available. With Government plans to phase out fossil kerosene C2 boilers from new rural dwellings from 2025, it is likely that this will come about, in Northern Ireland there are a particularly high proportion of homes with oil fired boilers so this will have to be considered.

Renewable Heating Oil Suppliers

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is made from used cooking oils, fish waste, and animal fats from the food processing industry, this is a synthetic man-made fuel from the ground up, thus offering the opportunity to craft a highly stable, long-life, ultra consistent, and very clean burning fuel.


It can truly be said that the cost of HVO renewable heating oil needs to be looked at over a longer term than just the per-litre price. It is far better for reliability of both boilers and compression-ignition engines of all types because the soot levels are so low, in trials in Cornwall over 12 months, the boiler engineers had never seen so little soot on an oil-fired boiler!

The feedstocks that go into HVO renewable heating oil

As an added bonus to the fantastic cold flow characteristics and high cetane number, HVO also notably reduces NOx emissions, is virtually sulphur free, and contains no fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) that is often responsible for blocking filters and growing algae in the tanks.

As at Spring 2023 the cost of bulk deliveries of around 500+ litres of this home heating oil is around £2.25 + VAT per litre although you can always twist our arm on the phone! Look after your expensive boilers and massively reduce emissions by switching to HVO fuel!

We also offer RenHeat furnace fuel which is another fossil-free bio heating oil aimed more at sites like factories, schools, and hospitals for larger scale heating purposes.

Ideal for where clients wish to reduce carbon emissions and look after furnaces, if you can take a articulated tanker load of 36,000 litres of RenHeat the price per litre can be around £1.60 + VAT at present.

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