HVO Heating Oil

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is a clean-burning biomass-derived fuel that cuts air pollution and varnish deposits on boiler burners when used in heating applications.

Using HVO heating oil allows you to cut net carbon emissions by up to 90% and particulate matter (PM) air pollution by 40% or more with virtually no changes to tanks, pipes, or boilers. It is generally thought that no more than £500 would cover alterations to existing boilers.

HVO Heating Oil

Cuts Air Pollution

The reduction in air pollution from using this heating oil containing almost no sulphur is because it is synthetic with high consistency that avoids many of the combustion shortcomings of fossil kerosene.

An exciting heating fuel product that is made in the UK, HVO is popular as a renewable diesel fuel in road vehicles and, along with our RenHeat fuel, holds great potential as a liquid heating fuel.

Easier To Access Than Ever

Made from waste oils, fish or wood wastes and tall pitch oils, HVO fuel has the advantage of being available in a widespread way via local fuel oil companies or from ourselves. 

LubiQ supply HVO heating oil in small quantities as low as a 10-litre jerrycan as well as 20-litre, pallets, IBCs, and larger quantities of 500 to 38,000 litres. 

You can purchase HVO on this link. Or please call us to discuss on 01324 309100.

HVO Heating Oil

Renewable Fuel Options

Our RenHeat industrial furnace fuel is also a fully renewable product (made from wastes and residues) and an ultra-clean burning fuel that is lower in cost than HVO. This is a good choice for domestic heat or factory boilers.

We can only deliver RenHeat in quantities of 500 – 1000 litres or more. A guide price for RenHeat bio heating oil would be around £1.60 + VAT per litre. The calorific value of this renewable fuel is as follows:

Specific Energy (Calorific Value), MJ/L of this HHO and IHO fuel:

Get in touch at oil@lubiq.uk to discuss your needs further and we will be glad to assist.

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