Green Alternative To Heating Oil

Do you need a green alternative to heating oil? A miracle fuel option is hydrotreated vegetable oil, aka HVO, which is a renewable alternative to kerosene heating oil which cuts net greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80%. Another is our RenHeat bio heating oil that can come in cheaper as an industrial heating oil.

Green Alternative To Heating Oil

A synthetic fuel that is stable, consistent, and clean burning, HVO home heating oil is a quick, easy, and clean alternative to fossil kerosene or furnace fuels that is made from waste cooking oils and fats. It is a 100% renewable home heating fuel and it is something that more and more will seek as a solution in heating rural or off-grid dwellings.

Initially produced by Neste, Eni, and Valero in Finland (see below), Holland, USA, and Singapore, HVO is now produced by at least 2 oil firms in the UK, including Phillips 66 at their Humberside refinery.

HVO Diesel Refinery Finland

Download a data sheet on the P66 renewable home heating fuel/diesel

Valero Oils seems to show the growing interest in this green alternative to heating oil. They now bring in bulk  HVO fuel to their terminal in Cardiff. Valero operates the Texaco brand forecourts in the UK and owns their own fossil fuel refinery at Milford Haven in Wales.

Green Alternative To Heating Oil

With the news that new homes cannot be built with kerosene oil-fired boilers after 2025, the search for new options is urgent and certainly HVO is a great option with small modifications required to boilers and pipes.

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Below you can watch an informative OFTEC video about the transitional stage we are at with home heating HVO and its potential, there are around 500,000 homes heated by oil in Northern Ireland alone!

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