Alternative To Kerosene Heating Oil With 85% Less Emissions

With the news of kerosene oil fired boilers being banned in new builds from 2030 it is important to consider an alternative to kerosene heating oil that reduces green house gas emissions and offers a cleaner burn for reduced boiler servicing?

Alternative To Kerosene Heating Oil

The fantastic news is that there is a great alternative heating oil fuel available! It is called HVO or hydrotreated vegetable oil to give it the full title. We also now supply RenHeat bio heating oil for larger factory applications

This remarkable fuel is synthetic or man-made and is made from 100% waste feedstocks, with a net emissions cut of as high as 90% it is often known as renewable diesel (not the same as FAME biodiesel) and used in a host of vehicles both on and off-road.

Alternative To Kerosene Heating Oil

In terms of its characteristics however, HVO is more like kerosene than red or white diesel, and while cars, boats, trucks, tractors, and generators need no modifications to run on HVO, domestic heating boilers may need to be adjusted before changing.

Boiler maker Grant Engineering and others explain in this video how little is actually needed in tweaking your boiler and fuelling apparatus; it is estimated to cost around £500 and then you can get going with a fossil-free alternative to kerosene heating oil!

Disruption and cost to change your heating oil is minimal and delivery can be arranged easily.

Manufactured from used cooking oils, fish waste, and animal fats, HVO is better for boilers and internal combustion engines due to the consistently clean burn and great storage stability. You can store HVO home heating oil for up to 10 years and it has superb cold flow and starting properties.

At present hydrotreated vegetable oil is taxed in the same way as white diesel is for road vehicles. This, and other factors, do mean that it is more expensive than traditional kerosene but with its multiple benefits and more US and European production coming online it is certainly a fuel of the future!

How Is HVO Made?

Surprising numbers of heavy trucks and construction machinery are already using HVO every day and we can arrange bulk delivery of it as your house heating oil, we also provide HVO fuel in small quantities in 10 and 20 litre UN approved jerrycans or IBC’s.


If you need bio heating oil prices or to make an HVO fuel price comparison, please just email us at or phone 01324 309100. We look forward to working with you!

Download a data sheet on HVO fuel here.

Neste are a global producer of this exciting bio fuel, they published this graphic video showing just how clean fossil free HVO burns compared to other hydrocarbons:

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