HVO Fuel For Cars

As technologies have marched on – common rail injection, quieter running, chips, particulate filters and so on it’s been impressive to see the giant tractor units and cars emitting less pollution but worries remain around NOx and other emissions.

HVO Fuel For Cars

That’s where our HVO fuel for cars is an absolute winner as this hydrotreated vegetable oil emits over 80% less CO2 and particulates it is manufactured from used cooking oils and fats – further adding to its climate friendly credentials.

Even a diesel power washer with a basic single cylinder Yanmar diesel engine (and certainly no exhaust scrubber to speak of) has none of the usual black and blue smoke when running – remarkable!

Because this is a synthetic diesel fuel it is consistent and pure giving both a clean burn and great stability in storage which was a problem with the first generation of biodiesels. It can be stored for upto 10 years and gives good cold flow viscosity characteristics as well.

HVO Diesel For Cars

In much of Scandinavia HVO fuel for cars can be purchased at filling stations although such stations are rare at the moment in the UK.

That is why we offer 10, 20 litres of high quality HVO diesel for cars delivered in robust UN jerrycans allowing you to fuel your vehicles with it if you wish. We also offer IBCs and bulk drops and deals plus point of sale items for petrol stations to sell HVO.

HVO Diesel Sign

This is a great way to move towards net zero carbon targets without doing a thing to alter your car engine or fuel system; you can mix HVO with standard mineral diesel as well.


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