HVO Fuel For Cars

HVO is the ideal fuel for diesel cars offering a huge reduction in net green house gas emissions and air pollution from particulate matter. This fuel is manufactured from waste cooking oils, residues, and fats, cars need no modifications to use it and consume less AdBlue as a consequence of the cleaner burn from HVO.

This fossil-free diesel is a winner as it hugely reduces particulate matter released into the air due to its clean combustion and offers notably smoother power delivery, especially in manual gearbox cars.

HVO Fuel For Cars

Technologies like diesel particulate filters and SCR catalysts have all helped clean up compression ignition engines but actually using an entirely different fuel for your car may not have occurred to you yet.

Smoother Running

With this HVO fuel in your tank you will note an immediate difference in smooth running and as it can be mixed with standard diesel it is both convenient, good for the engine and green. 

Our HVO fuel for cars complies with the EN15940 standard for paraffinic diesel fuels; the logo on your fuel flap will show the letters: XTL which is the EU sign for this family of synthetic fuels.

Even a diesel power washer with a basic single-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine (and certainly no exhaust scrubber to speak of) has none of the usual black and blue smoke when running – remarkable!

Great For Storage

Because this is a synthetic diesel fuel it is consistent and pure giving great stability in storage which was a problem with the first generation of biodiesels. HVO fuel can be stored for up to 10 years and gives good cold flow viscosity characteristics as well.

HVO Fuel For Cars

In much of Scandinavia HVO fuel for cars can be purchased at filling stations although such stations are rare at the moment in the UK.

Fast Delivery

That is why we offer 10 and 20 litres of high quality HVO fuel for cars delivered in robust UN jerrycans allowing you to fuel your vehicles with it if you wish. We also offer IBCs and bulk drops and deals plus point of sale items for petrol stations to sell HVO.

HVO Fuel For Cars

This is a great way to move towards net zero carbon targets without doing a thing to alter your car engine or fuel system. Call us or drop and email to oil@lubiq.uk for more information.


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