Getting Hold Of Bio Diesel In The UK

A second-generation biofuel like HVO diesel is an advanced synthetic alternative that has many fleet managers wondering where can I buy biodiesel in the UK for my vehicles?

While there is a steady expansion of outlets including more than a dozen truck stops that stock HVO at the pump, there are still less than 30 sites UK wide as at autumn 2023 that offer this product.

This is why we offer any quantity of HVO fuel from a 10 litre jerrycan to IBC’s and bulk deliveries from 500 to 38,000 litres as well as biodiesel tanks from 230 litres to 50,000 litres. We deliver all over the UK and thus offer a handy solution if you were wondering where can I buy biodiesel.


The HVO Difference

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is made from used cooking oils and residues are reacted at high pressure with hydrogen, FAME biodiesel is made from the same feedstocks but with an esterification process.

Where Can I Buy Biodiesel UK

The latter process is generally seen as producing a more problematic fuel which has difficulties in cold weather, tends to grow algae in tanks, and alters engine oil change schedules for the worse.

While HVO is not perfect – offering slightly worse MPG than fossil diesel – it has far better storage and combustion characteristics and is a better option with particulate matter reducing by 40 – 80%.

Is HVO Fossil Free?

Yes, because it is made from waste products, it is a fossil-free fuel and part of a family of paraffinic synthetic diesel fuels that meet the EN 15940 standard with XTL being the logo at pumps or vehicle fuel flaps.

How Much Carbon Do I Save Using HVO?

When burning 100% HVO you are saving approximately 2.2 kilograms of carbon green house gas emissions per litre of fuel you burn. This is because it has already done a carbon cycle and is being recycled.

Can You Mix HVO And Diesel?

Yes, you can, in any proportions. This makes it a practical way to start decarbonising running the same vehicles without any costly modifications or installing chargers.

Is HVO Useable In Any Diesel Engine?

Yes, it is. Boats, excavators, generators, pressure washers, vans, pumps and so on.

Order your biodiesel on this website today for quick delivery or send us an email at

Where Can I Buy Bio Diesel UK

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