Can You Mix HVO And Diesel?

Yes, you can as HVO fuel is miscible with fossil diesel meaning you can mix this HVO in any proportion with normal diesel fuel for vehicles or plant. As a point of interest, hydrotreated vegetable oil is quite light and more like paraffin or kerosene with much less odour than DERV.

Can you mix HVO and diesel

Easy And Practical To Use

The fact that you can mix HVO and diesel makes this synthetic diesel a very practical option as no changes are required to engines, pumps, or fuel tanks, just fill up and away you go. The easy manner of handling this fuel means storage tanks do not need flushing, and indeed, it is more sustainable because it allows diesel vehicles to be kept for longer.

Due to the relative rarity of forecourts that sell HVO at the pump it can be a worry if you have a diesel dispenser tank at your yard, fill up with HVO and then do a long journey; if you run low on fuel, how can you top up?

The solution for now – because you can mix fossil diesel and HVO – you should top up with normal DERV for the return journey, you can then put HVO in on top of what is left in your fuel tank.

XTL Nomenclature And EN 15940 Specification

The fuel flaps on many cars and vans show an XTL logo which means the vehicle is ready for HVO. This logo means gas-to-liquid and is the accepted European/UK logo for paraffinic synthetic diesel as HVO or GTL made to the BS EN 15940 specification.

At the few forecourts that currently supply HVO you will find the XTL logo used on the pumps.

Can You Mix HVO And Diesel?

Outstanding Eco Benefits

Renewable diesel allows any diesel vehicle to achieve more than an 80% cut in net greenhouse gas emissions and an 80% reduction in particulate matter emissions straight away (as tested by MTU). The SCR catalyst and DPF are hardly needed anymore. The sustainable credentials of HVO mean that existing diesel vehicles can become eco-friendly and the premature change to battery vehicles avoided as other options are reviewed.

Short distance and stop-start city driving is more pleasurable with HVO fuel offering a smoother power delivery in lower gears and pulling off from a halted position. There have been documented cases in London of heavy trucks gaining more miles-per-gallon using HVO for delivery runs

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