Bio Diesel For Sale

When faced with the question of where to source bio diesel for sale for boats, cars and vans, consumers will struggle to source less than 1000 litres or some other bulk delivery amount. It is close to impossible – at present – to turn up at a petrol station forecourt and fill up with HVO bio diesel.

While there are many headline grabbing blogs, like Edinburgh Airport using HVO for all vehicles that are airside, and McDonalds trucks advertising how they recycle their cooking oil, it is still a headache to find where high quality bio diesel is for sale for say a:

  • Emergency or prime diesel generator.
  • A private, work, or fishing boat, tug, or barges.
  • Your private car, pick-up, van, or truck.
  • Building site plant, dumpers, and excavators.

Because biodiesel UK filling stations actually don’t exist at present, this is very awkward situation for concerned families and businesses wishing to drastically lower green house gas emissions by using hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel in their family car or fleet of vans.

A large farm contractor or company with a fleet of trucks can order 25,000 litres no problem from a nearby bulk fuel wholesaler but ordering your own small quantity of HVO biodiesel UK is close to impossible – until now!

Place order for your HVO bio diesel UK on this link.

If you are still wondering where to buy biodiesel near me then LubiQ HVO Fuels have a good answer in the form of our 20 litre UN approved jerrycans of HVO fuel sent to your door by courier quickly and easily!

Bio diesel for sale

As a new and dynamic bio diesel UK-wide supplier, we are a family run flexible and friendly company offering both 20 litre jerrycans and 1000 litre IBC’s spill trays, fuel filler tubes, and all natural oleo eco-friendly vehicle cleaning detergents that are safe in drains or water courses.

HVO is a more advanced and stable biodiesel fuel than first generation green diesel, it is usable down to minus 25 Celsius, and it can be stored for upto 10 years.

It is also the entirely legal answer to how to fix emission test failure with diesel cars and vans; up to 90% of GHG emissions from the combustion process is cut with using HVO, rendering the DPF and catalyst needed with normal mineral E7 DERV somewhat superfluous as damaging emissions don’t form in the first place!

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