HVO Diesel Right Into Your Car, Van, Or Boat

Try our HVO renewable diesel fuelling service where we come to you to fill up your private car, vans, trucks, boats, generators, or tractors on site.

As there are only about 4 forecourts in the whole of the UK selling HVO renewable diesel, we make it  easy for you to cut emissions by 90% with no changes to your vehicle at all!

We charge your card or operate a purchase order system for 500 litres and above with credit subject to status. Check out the video comparing how cleanly HVO burns compared to normal DERV:

Learn more about this remarkable fuel on the links:

What is HVO Fuel?

How Is HVO Diesel Made?

Who Makes The Best Premium Diesel?

We log exact volumes to keep track of vehicle number plates and fuel usage.

Currently available in limited areas, we may charge for aborted call outs.

Call 01324 309100 or email oil@lubiq.uk to find out cost per litre for this handy service.

HVO Fuel For Cars
HVO Fuelling
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