LubiQ Fuels is a family firm that has set about solving the difficulties of buying HVO fuel by offering a UK wide delivery service in jerry cans, IBCs, and bulk drops of 500 litres to 36,000 litres plus of white or red HVO.

With the lack of present infrastructure and forecourts that sell renewable diesel (there are only 4 in the UK plus Esso supply a 25% blend with normal diesel) it is not easy to buy this practical fuel to reduce pollution.

Where to buy HVO fuel

Diesel fuel filters and particulate filters are showing an increasing tendency to block when using normal diesel, with embarrassing and expensive down time for train companies, plant hire firms and others – HVO fuel answers all these problems at one stroke!

Diesel cars, vans, boats, excavators, generators, or tractors require no changes to the engine to run on HVO and enjoy an 80% reduction in particulates compared to DERV, smoother running, and excellent cold starting. The standard to which our HVO fuel adheres is BS EN 15940.

Where to buy HVO fuel

Next time you are wondering where to buy HVO fuel please give us a try by looking at our range or reaching out on phone 01324 309100 or email to

You can mix HVO fuel with standard diesel in any proportion and as it is made from 100% waste feedstocks, there is a net 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, less nitrous oxides, low odour, and none of the storage issues of FAME biodiesel; in fact, you can store it for upto 10 years.

HVO stand for: ‘hydrotreated vegetable oil’ a paraffinic fossil-free renewable diesel that is made from waste fats, cooking oils, and wood wastes. It is the circular economy in action with real premium diesel benefits!

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