Premium Diesel Benefits

Premium diesel benefits are considerable when the current problems with mainstream fossil diesel are considered and emissions and air pollution reduction of using HVO renewable diesel are taken in to account.

Join us as we explore the background and current types of diesel fuel UK.

The Problems

Mineral diesel is made from the fractional distillation of crude oil with the variabilities that come with using a natural product, high smoke/soot/particulates, sulphur, and aromatics.

Premium Diesel Benefits

There is a further problem in recent years; the inclusion of 7% FAME biodiesel which is a well-meant attempt to ‘green’ the fuel that has resulted in hundreds of blocked fuel filters and DPF problems.

Are The Premium Standard Diesels Actually Better?

Among the types of diesel fuel UK available there are ‘premium’ versions of standard white diesel at bp, Esso, and Jet with increased detergents and a slightly higher cetane number but still with the biodiesel problems, so these are really of only limited genuine benefits.

Premium Diesel Benefits

Finding Real Premium Diesel Benefits With HVO

Starting over – rather than additives with standard diesel – is the way to really access real diesel benefits and there is no fuel that better illustrates this than hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

This is a synthetic fuel of high purity built from the ground up as a very clean burning, low emissions product with 80% reduction in diesel particulates and reduced NOx emissions.

Premium Diesel Benefits

Made entirely from waste wood, cooking oils, or fats, HVO is far better for engines and yields a net green house gas emissions cut of upto 90%.

HVO renewable diesel is very practical as it can be mixed with standard diesel but is head and shoulders above it for the following benefits:

  • Combustion and high cetane number of 70.
  • Easy cold start and cold flow characteristics.
  • Stability in long term storage – for upto 10 years.
  • Not having oxygen in it means it does not grow algae in tanks.
  • Lack of aromatics and sulphur (HVO has a lubricity additive).

There is no need to change storage tanks or vehicles with this premium diesel that is better for your engine and for the environment; it really is the circular economy in action! See more on the mtu video below:

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