Alternative Diesel Fuel

A practical alternative diesel fuel with increasing availability, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) is both technically and environmentally superior to fossil diesel although it costs more per litre. You can simply fill up a diesel vehicle with HVO or even mix it will normal diesel fuel.

CAT has interesting research and information on its use with their C175 engine on this link.

How Is It A Premium Product Then?

In a word because this is a synthetic diesel fuel. The molecule sizes and patterns in the fuel are consistent with high purity as opposed to the variations and higher sulphur found in natural crude oil feedstock.

Alternative Diesel Fuel

The proof is in the pudding with MTU asserting following trials with this alternative diesel fuel that it burns so cleanly that it cuts diesel particulate matter by as much as 80% without loss of power.

Problems like the diesel bug, blocked fuel filters or DPF filters simply disappear when the alternative diesel fuel is used and HVO is kinder to the engine as well as greatly reducing air pollution.

What About Green House Gas Emissions Claims?

The claim that ‘net carbon emissions’ are cut by up to 90% is because hydrotreated vegetable oil is manufactured from waste oils, rendered fats, and residues. 

It is a factual statement as this is the circular economy in action, but it should be understood that this claim does not refer to the tail pipe emissions.

Typical feedstocks used by refiners and blenders like Neste, Valero or Phillips 66 to make renewable diesel include used cooking oils, wood waste, and animal fats. The density and low odour of HVO is more like a kerosene or paraffin fuel but it can be mixed with standard diesel in any proportion.

Alternative diesel fuel

Highly practical as an alternative for both end users and for refineries, HVO is being produced at petrochemical complexes in the UK using cracker towers that previously used crude oil!

Can You Feel The Difference When Driving?

Yes, you can feel smoother power delivery in a manual gear box car or van when pulling off from stationary.

As this alternative diesel fuel is lower density than DERV there is a slight reduction in miles-per-gallon performance on long haul trips but an improvement around town on stop-start delivery runs.

Download CAT Report On Renewable Diesel

Does HVO Cost More And Where Can I Buy It?

Yes, it does cost more than standard white diesel fuel. At present only a very few forecourts sell renewable diesel at the pump. We deliver to your door in jerrycans or arrange bulk supply or fuel tanks for your fleet.

What Are The Fuel Standards For Diesel Fuels?

For standard mineral diesel it is BS EN 590 which includes 7.25% FAME biodiesel in the UK, for paraffinic renewable diesel the standard is BS EN 15940; for comparison how they burn please see this video:

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