Where To Buy HVO Fuel

In recent years we were faced with the problem of where to buy HVO fuel and found that it is by no means easy to get hold of this renewable diesel to enjoy the benefits of lower air pollution.

LubiQ Fuels came up with a solution to this challenge by supplying HVO fuel from stock in 10 and 25 litres jerry cans, fuel pallets of 205 litres (45 gallons) IBCs, and bulk drops of 500 litres or more.

HVO fuel deliveries all over the UK with over 80% made within 48 hours of order. Call us on 01324 309100 to place your renewable diesel fuel order today.

Where to buy HVO fuel

How Can HVO Fuel Help Me?

In a word by burning cleaner and being made from waste products and thus being the circular economy in action. HVO diesel fuel is a great solution for plant hire, garden machinery, forklifts, 4×4’s, civil engineering, farmers, and the public searching for where to buy HVO fuel for cars, vans, ride-on mowers, or tractors.

The letters HVO stand for: ‘hydrotreated vegetable oil’ and this is a renewable paraffinic diesel and industrial heating fuel that is made from waste fats, used cooking and vegetable oils.

Sporting a high cetane number, low odour, and exceptional storage stability, this fuel is a very high quality, FAME free, and fossil free renewable diesel with smooth power delivery and less fuel filter blockages in plant, on-road vehicles, or generators.

Where to buy HVO fuel from stock

How We Supply

At LubiQ Fuels we supply from a jerrycan of HVO diesel delivered to a laboratory, households, or building sites, to a full 38,000 litre tanker load of HVO or more


Our HVO fuel meets the EN15940 standard for use as a direct alternative to mineral diesel and you can also mix it with standard diesel fuel. This synthetic fuel burns much cleaner with low soot and more than 20% less NOx emissions, you will also reduce AdBlue usage by approximately 20%.

Why not check out our diesel dispenser tanks if you need one for your yard?

If you are wondering where to buy HVO fuel, then please give us a try; it is so easy to use in any existing diesel engine boat or vehicle and yet you are doing your bit to reach net zero faster.

Check out this video to see how cleanly HVO burns and the lower one to see how McDonalds cooking oil goes into HVO – a  true circular economy in action!

You can mix HVO fuel with standard diesel in any proportion and as it is made from 100% waste feedstocks, there is a net 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, less nitrous oxides, low odour, and none of the storage issues of FAME biodiesel; in fact, you can safely store it for up to 10 years.

Where to buy HVO fuel

HVO stand for: ‘hydrotreated vegetable oil’ a paraffinic fossil-free renewable diesel that is made from waste fats, cooking oils, and wood wastes. It is the circular economy in action with real premium diesel benefits!

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