Best Diesel For Kubota Zero Turn Mower 

Among the best zero turn mowers, a Kubota zero turn mower deserves the best of modern diesel fuel which is HVO to run beautifully with ultra-low emissions.

Kubota Zero Turn Diesel Mower

HVO is hydrotreated vegetable oil, a thoroughly modern synthetic clean-burning diesel fuel that is made from wood waste, used cooking oils, or animal fats which are brought under great pressure to react with hydrogen gas (thus hydro-treated).


This fuel is also known as renewable diesel and is a fantastic Kubota zero turn mower fuel that can be mixed with normal diesel and produces a large cut in emissions, runs very well in cold weather, can be stored for upto 10 years and cuts diesel particulates by 80%!

HVO is therefore a very green but also a very practical fuel for all ride on mowers, diesel chippers, generators, tractors, forklifts, and road vehicles. Due to being made from waste, the net green house gas emissions are cut by as much as 90% without any changes to machines or engines.

HVO Diesel Fuel

Why is HVO the best fuel for diesel mowers and grass cutting machinery? Well, due to these machines having quite basic exhaust scrubbing (if any) and often not having catalysts or AdBlue, the emissions can be quite high compared to road vehicles.

With HVO you have a drop in NOx, huge drop in soot and smoke, less smell, less blocked fuel filters, smoother running, higher cetane number, higher flash point, and brilliant cold weather performance.

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