Low Emissions Diesel Fuel

It can be difficult to imagine that an eco-friendly diesel fuel exists but there is in fact several synthetic diesels available (see the XTL diesel logo on your vehicle’s fuel flap).

These low emissions diesel fuel options greatly cut air pollution, particulate matter, and emissions from combustion. A higher cetane number brings improvement in terms of more complete and cleaner burn to cut HC and NOx and, being made from waste, they are examples of the circular economy in action.

low emissions diesel fuel

HVO renewable diesel or hydrotreated vegetable oil can be used mixed with normal mineral diesel without any changes being needed to engines or fuel tanks.

HVO’s claim to fame as a genuine eco-friendly diesel fuel relies on 2 main factors as outlined below:

1) It is synthetic, so made from the ground up as an ideal and consistent fuel that burns dramatically cleaner than DERV; it offers a 40-80% reduction in diesel particulates or soot.

2) Being made from wastes and residues like wood waste, used cooking oil, or fats, it can offer users a reduction in net carbon emissions of upto 90%.

low emissions diesel fuel

A significant advantage of this low emissions diesel fuel is that existing diesel cranes, cars, vans, tractors, boats, or locomotives can be fuelled with HVO and keep running in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way!

If the concept of cutting emissions by using HVO renewable diesel sounds interesting then please get in touch for honest advice about this practical fuel on 01324 309100 or at oil@lubiq.uk

Download a CAT report on low emissions diesel fuel on this link

Download a Port Of London Authority HVO and GTL Trial Report summary here

Low Emissions Diesel Fuel


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