HVO Low Emissions Fuel For Shipping

With both the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and the EU looking to include shipping in the EU Emission Trading System in 2024 there is the genuine possibility of a carbon tax on shipping and boats that continue to use fossil fuels. This includes tugs, coastal vessels and larger workboats.

Low Carbon Fuel For Boats

There has never been a better time to utilise HVO diesel fuel for boats or our other low emissions diesel fuel as this brilliant renewable diesel is miscible with standard ultra-low sulphur diesel or can be used neat for a huge reduction in carbon emissions.

The large diesel engine manufacturer MTU Friedrichshafen has performed numerous tests on their Series 4000 and 8000 power plants with HVO and claim that particulate matter is reduced by as much as 80% when running on HVO diesel.

See more on carbon pricing for maritime emissions in this E&Y and EU article:



Please be free to talk to us about your need for MGO or renewable marine diesel and HVO as these fuels are both low carbon and much superior for propulsion or heating functions in vessels.


We can supply HVO for narrow boats, yachts, and leisure craft or commercial ships, bulk carriers,
container ships, or tankers to almost any UK port by arrangement.

If you are wondering, how can I reduce the carbon tax on my vessel fleet or port cranes and box lifters then please do reach out on oil@lubiq.uk

Low Emissions Shipping Fuel

How Can HVO Fuel Help Me?

In a word by burning cleaner and being made from waste products and thus being the circular economy in action. HVO diesel fuel is a great solution for plant hire, garden machinery, forklifts, 4×4’s, civil engineering, farmers, and the public searching for where to buy HVO fuel for cars, vans, ride-on mowers, or tractors.

The letters HVO stand for: ‘hydrotreated vegetable oil’ and this is a renewable paraffinic diesel and industrial heating fuel that is made from waste fats, used cooking and vegetable oils.

Sporting a high cetane number, low odour, and exceptional storage stability, this fuel is a very high quality, FAME free, and fossil free renewable diesel with smooth power delivery and less fuel filter blockages in plant, on-road vehicles, or generators.

A further option for ship owners is to submit engine pistons for our Opti Combustion upgrade bringing gapless rings and a thermal ceramic crown coating.

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