HVO Fuel For Boats

Many have seen large ocean-going vessels emitting black smoke so the interest in low carbon HVO fuel for boats is growing. You will cut CO2 and green house gas emissions by over 80% using HVO diesel fuel without having to touch your engine or fuel tanks!

HVO Fuel For Boats

So, what is HVO and why is it becoming popular?

HVO stands for hydrotreated vegetable oil, and it is a man made renewable diesel fuel made from recycled cooking oils and animal fats. It is very pure, stable, and low in aromatics and drastically reduces particulates and substantially cuts NOx gas emissions when burnt in compression ignition engines.

Are there any drawbacks?

It costs more than standard mineral diesel and is not easy to get hold of at the pump; anyone looking for less than 1000 litres has a difficult job which is why we sell 20 litre jerrycans UK-wide online.

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Will it involve costly engine modifications?

No, it is a direct alternative renewable diesel that can be mixed with standard DERV fuel but is hugely more eco-friendly. It has been trialled by the inland waterways association and is available at some marinas plus a large new tank farm has been installed on the River Thames.

HVO Fuel For Boats

If you are a leisure user, workboat company, patrol boat, or life guard, our HVO fuel for boats service is quick and easy to use with nationwide next day delivery to the quayside or marina.

Volvo Penta have approved HVO diesel use in all their engines and this second generation biodiesel does not suffer from the poor storage performance of earlier biofuels.

It performs well down to minus 20 degrees and can be stored for up to 10 years.

High purity racing diesel

Did you know that the boat Pegasus captured the world marine speed record on Lake Coniston with its Cox outboard diesel engine using HVO fuel in 2022!

Take a look at the video below: