Wholesale Diesel Price

If you are a bulk user, we can often offer a wholesale diesel price of £1.26 + VAT per litre for ULSD white diesel or SFGO red diesel at £0.85 + VAT per litre.

Wholesale Diesel Prices

When clients need a delivery of 5000 litres or more into suitable bunded tanks of their own and access is available for an articulated tanker truck, you will find that LubiQ Fuels can deliver at good rates all over the country from Devon to the Highlands.

Ultra-low sulphur diesel with 7.25% FAME biodiesel from LubiQ is made in the UK to the EN590 specification for on-road cars, vans and so on, while red diesel is a lower-taxed product for marine, rail, agriculture, and arboriculture trades only.

In addition to fossil diesel fuel, we supply jerrycans or bulk hydrotreated vegetable oil or gas-to-liquid GTL synthetic alternative diesel fuel. These offer lower net carbon and PM emissions although there is usually a price premium at present over our wholesale diesel price.

The tax paid on road (white) diesel is 57.5p per litre while red gas oil is around 11.5p per litre although this can vary depending on the volume purchased. We need written confirmation of the use from you before a transaction can be made when marked diesel is purchased.

Wholesale Diesel Price

As a family-run supplier, we are a flexible and friendly supplier with the possibility of Saturday deliveries and emergency top-ups being possible. Give us a try and we will be straight with honest advice on the best course of action for your needs.

Call our landline: 01324 309100, 24-hour mobile: 07848 452665 or email: oil@lubiq.uk

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