Farm Diesel Supply UK Wide

Used in huge quantities as farm diesel fuel, sulphur-free gas oil from LubiQ for agricultural off-road uses has a lower tax band and costs £0.85 + VAT per litre. Other than the marker dye, this is an identical fuel to white diesel used in cars and trucks.

Farm Diesel

The government wants to support industries like agriculture, forestry, and shipping and essential outlets like hospitals for backup generators by reduced duty. The provision of marked red diesel is a simple way to mark the fuel and ensure it is used correctly. 

If you buy farm diesel you are required to give a written statement as to what use you will make of it.

Essential for running combine harvesters, tractors, and sorting, spraying, and ploughing equipment, farm diesel is a major overhead but is the most energy-dense of hydrocarbon fuels.

The compression ignition diesel-powered engines in John Deere, New Holland, or Claas equipment are critical parts of the food supply chain on which we all depend. These can also run on HVO diesel which gives a cut in lifecycle carbon emissions of over 80% and this fuel can be mixed with SGFO.

Farm Diesel

If you have your own bunded fuel tanks and can take a delivery of 5000 litres or more we can almost certainly work out a competitive rate to cut your costs.

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Wondering how to reduce your farm’s fuel bill? Have a look at our Opti upgrade for engines.

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