Bulk Diesel Price UK

If you have bunded tanks and are looking for a bulk diesel price UK, we can deliver white DERV to you for £1.31 + VAT per litre if you need 5000 litres or more.

Bulk Diesel Price UK

LubiQ Fuels is a UK based family-run supplier of bulk DERV, HVO Fuel, red diesel, E10 petrol, or kerosene heating oil. We supply UK manufactured EN590 diesel at wholesale diesel prices that can save you money depending on your location and the volume you need per drop.

Download a specification sheet for our EN590 B7 DERV fuel

Diesel fuel is the energy densest and most efficient road fuel that is no less than the lifeblood of the economy and a difference in price can be life or death for hauliers and farmers.

The Road Haulage Association reports that around 30% of a haulier’s cost is fuel and more than 400 companies have gone out of business in recent times

Many transport firms have their own above ground diesel fuel storage tanks and if a few days can be allowed and volumes of 20,000 litres or more are needed then we can normally be competitive.

Bulk Diesel Price UK

Around ploughing and harvest time, tremendous quantities of red diesel are used in agricultural duties, so it is not surprising that the bulk diesel price is watched closely.

Sometimes kerosene is utilised for crop drying within barns and storage areas so if you need this or farm diesel, please do drop us a line at oil@lubiq.uk for the latest prices. If you are wondering how to reduce your farm’s fuel bill then consider our Opti Combustion service.

We provide no nonsense prices and a friendly honest approach for meeting your fuel needs, if you would like to discuss anything please call us on 01324 309100; we service from Kent to Cornwall, Cumbria, or Inverness.   

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