HVO Fuel Problems

It is understandable to have concerns about a new fuel product and the media encourages us to be suspicious of green washing, so, are there HVO fuel problems and how can we better understand hydrotreated vegetable oil? Read our guide to the pros and cons of this renewable diesel fuel.

HVO Fuel Problems

The Cost Of HVO

When thinking what is the price of HVO fuel per litre UK? It is quickly apparent that HVO renewable diesel costs more than regular B7 or B10 mineral diesel so in some respects this is a problem.

Infrastructure And Ease Of Access

There are very few HVO fuel stations where you can fill up your car, van, or truck with HVO 100 renewable diesel and this is frustrating for small business, families, farms, or boat owners that want to cut carbon emissions. So, this is another of the HVO fuel disadvantages.

HVO Fuel Stations UK

At LubiQ we have set ourselves to answer both of these HVO fuel problems, we supply UK-wide in UN approved jerrycans or in bulk! Check out our range here.

The Plus Side

HVO is quite simply a miracle fuel. With no modifications at all any diesel engine vehicle or generator can by run on HVO and it can even be mixed with standard diesel. You may have noticed an XTL logo on your fuel flap? This is the manufacturer saying the vehicle can use a synthetic diesel fuel like HVO or GTL.

Having a much higher cetane number than fossil diesel (around 70 compared to 46) and being a synthetic fuel made from 100% renewable feedstocks means it burns very cleanly and has several other properties:

1) Substantial reduction in soot, smoke, and NOx with cleaner burn being a big boost to engine smooth running and better for maintenance.

HVO Fuel Problems

2) No storage issues (as were associated with biodiesel), no algae growth in the storage tank or clouding and excellent cold start and flow characteristics down to minus 20 Celsius.

3) A green house gas emissions reduction of upto 90% simply by changing fuel in existing vehicles, simple, quick, smooth and green! Join the revolution today!

Would you like to understand more about problems or pros and cons of HVO fuel? See the DAF trucks video about HVO below for more information:

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