Winter Diesel UK 

If you are needing a winter diesel UK fuel, then there are options for these days than just putting an additive into DERV to prevent waxing. A good option with a low CFPP rating is HVO renewable diesel, you can download a data sheet here.

This synthetic diesel fuel that is popular in Scandinavia where winter temperatures are lower than in the UK, called HVO diesel (hydrotreated vegetable oil). This is a synthetic paraffinic diesel fuel that is made from waste cooking oils and inedible fats and thus a product of the circular economy.

Winter Diesel UK

Performing well at temperatures down to minus 20 centigrade without growing algae, HVO is a drop in alternative to white diesel that can be used in all tractors, snow ploughs and gritters, cars, vans, boats, or generators. 

Fossil free HVO winter diesel has higher purity and consistency than normal diesel fuel, you can also mix it with fossil diesel if desired, our HVO meets the EN 15940 specification with logo XTL on the fuel flap.

Offering excellent storage stability with up to 10 years in the tank being possible, it is fair to say that HVO is the perfect winter diesel UK; as a bonus you will also:

  • Wave goodbye to blocked DPF units.
  • Put out up to 80% less particulate matter air pollution.
  • Cut up to 90% less net green house gas emissions.

We deliver HVO diesel fuel all over the UK from a 20 litre jerrycan to 30,000 litres bulk deliveries to commercial or dockside premises or private houses.


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