At LubiQ we offer mineral, semi-synthetic, and fully synthetic oils for petrol or diesel engine lubrication and also transmission, differential, gearbox, and hydraulic and even biodegradable rock drill oil.

Whats the story with synthetic? Is it just that it sounds cool or what?!

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Most hydrocarbons originate from crude oil or petroleum which is a thick black viscous chemical that is heated and cracked to extract everything from bitumen and heavy fuel oil (HFO) up to bottled propane gas.

Mineral oils are a product of the fractional disillation that takes place at huge oil refinery sites like Milford Haven or our local Petroineos plant here in Grangemouth.

Fossil Diesel Refinery

The difficulty is that as the relentless pursuit of lower emmissions and more powerful engines continues, it can be the the more random and varied molecules found in a natural product just is not uniform enough to offer a performance lubricant.

This has led to a slew of ‘synthetic’ or man-made lubricants where the oil is made from Hexene and thus as it is ‘assembled’ the building block molecules are chosen specifically to engineer a superior result in modern highly stressed internal combustion engines.

Would you like to know more about fully synthetic petroleum of alternative diesel fuel? Have a look at what the RAF and Zero Petroleum are working on for fuels here!

Semi-synthetic just means a blend comprising some synthetic as well as natural cracked mineral oils and additives to control and reduce foaming, oxidation, and corrosion.

We supply in 5 litre or 20 litre and you can see our range here.

In an exciting development we are now offering fossil free synthetic HVO diesel in a range of formats and volumes, please see more on this link.

RAF Aircraft For Synthetic Fuel

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