mini bowser pressure washer

HVO Fueled Pressure Washer At Travel Cleaning Show

Powered by a compact Yanmar diesel engine, this bowser power washer can be run on HVO diesel fuel to reduce emissions by over 85% and Nitrous Oxide gases by over 20%; come and see at the  Travel Cleaning Show

Highly mobile with rugged tyres and a 10 metre long high pressure hose that can be used with a lance, chewing gum removal tool, or 19” flat surface cleaner which is like a Flymo with water that cleans a large area at once. Great for patios, drives, or rail station platforms – have a look at our demonstration video below.

5HP mini bowser pressure washer is a great solution for use where a power washer is needed on farms, railway stations, or for exterior cleaning contractors where a trailing hose might be a trip hazard or access to main water tap is difficult.

The power washer features a 150 litre water tank which is made from partly recycled plastic and has an operating pressure of 150 bar (2200 psi).

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