HVO Fuel SuppliersĀ 

A synthetic diesel that is very pure, HVO fuel burns cleaner than standard diesel refined from crude oil and is ideal in meeting your net zero carbon emissions targets without undue hassle.

HVO Diesel Fuel

Being both synthetic (man-made) and thus very consistent as compared to that refined from crude petroleum AND recycled from used oils and fats, HVO is an interesting fuel option which at present it is not widely available from forecourt pumps.

LubiQ HVO is a climate friendly paraffinic diesel fuel that meets EN 15940 standards can stored for up to ten years unlike first generation biofuels and is free-flowing down to -25Ā°C.

We deliver in UN-approved 20 litre jerrycans and specialise in small quantities with same or next day delivery to the UK mainland.

HVO Diesel Fuel – 10, 20 Litre, IBC & Bulk Drop

HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% without needing any modification of your engine or fuel tank. This is a 100% fossil free alternative to regular diesel that is perfect for farms, building sites, or road users.

Do you need some HVO fuel for boat diesel? We can help with this and in fact leading marine propulsion plant manufacturers in Sweden have approved HVO for use in any of their diesel engines.

HVO Fuel For Boat

Made from sustainable and renewable raw materials, HVO diesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 90% and nitrous oxides by over 20% and has negligible sulphur dioxide levels.

Improved stability in storage tanks or over winter compared to regular diesel, reduce the need for regular testing and fuel polishing. The low viscosity of HVO results in excellent cold-weather performance as an alternative solution compatible with all diesel engines.

Many are excited at the potential for this fuel to be used in oil fired heating boilers and systems where mains gas is not available; indeed, the first house in Scotland is already being heated by HVO!

LubiQ Eco Fuels can help with your HVO diesel needs so please get in touch.