HVO Fuel Pallet Service Is Launched

LubiQ Fuels needs to innovate to bring better availability of hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel for users that own a boat, work in construction, or need better handling than a metal 205 litre/45 gallon barrel offers.

Enter the HVO fuel pallet – have a look at details and prices on the link.

Containing 8 or 10 x UN jerrycans and a filler nozzle attachment with a total of 205 litres of white renewable diesel strapped onto a Euro pallet that is shipped anywhere in the UK for quick and easy handling. (extra carriage for Cornwall or off shore)

With the considerable emphasis on reducing carbon when HVO is used, it is easy to forget that this remarkable fuel is also very good for your engines, won’t block fuel filters, and reduces NOx, soot levels and AdBlue usage as well.

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