Red HVO Renewable Diesel

Enjoy the environmental benefits of red HVO renewable diesel fuel at rebated rates for marine, inland waterway craft, trains, forestry and agricultural uses.

HVO Fuel For Trains

For many years farming, trains, boats, and industry have used marked red diesel (gas oil) for propulsion and heating or drying tasks; this changed in April 2022 somewhat but the use of marked diesel is still perfectly legal for defined purposes. 

Red fossil gas oil is a dye-treated marked diesel that has a lower tax rate, that can now be purchased as fossil-free red HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) in a similar way. Use of this fuel is prohibited in road vehicles which must only use white (undyed) fuels that do not have the same tax rebates. 

You will need to provide us with your contact details and a declaration of what use you intend for the fuel before we can deliver to you.

Red HVO Diesel Fuel For Boats

Get in touch if you need bulk red HVO to enjoy the clean-burning, efficient, and environmentally friendly nature of this fuel and need a bulk delivery quotation; email us at:

Red HVO Fuel

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