Agricultural Sprayer


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High performance agricultural sprayer for use on farms, crop spraying, and in vineyards or orchards or other horticultural or agrichemicals, herbicides, weed killers, biocides, and so on are used.

This sprayer uses a lithium-ion battery pack that takes just 3 hours to charge after which it will give upto 12 hours of spraying from a metal-build spray lance and long hose.

It is possible to connect the agricultural sprayer to an extending telescopic pole brush that is perfect for cleaning trucks and tractors! Designed with render cleaning and biocide stone cleaning softwashing so the pump has Viton seals to cope with most harsh alkalis, disinfectants, or biocides.

Using tractor-mounted agricultural sprayers can be very difficult on hillsides and narrow paths in small areas, animal pens, vineyards, and orchards.

Ideal for easy and fast spraying without the battery going flat on you – for example with sheep dip, cattle drench, or other spray applied medicines and antibiotics. You can quickly apply parasiticides to all kinds of livestock and this cow sprayer is an excellent for stock medicating.

The digital flow control system allows you to set over 90 different flow speeds to ensure accurate dosing of chemicals, it is controlled from a push button digital screen.