Petrol Suppliers UK

We are family-run petrol suppliers UK that arrange speedy and safe delivery of unleaded petrol fuel that meets the EN228 specification and motor fuel regulations with 10% bioethanol content.

Petrol Suppliers UK

Transported by trained ADR tanker drivers with 3YE 1203 plates, our bulk petrol is made in the UK on the east coast, we can offer competitive prices for forecourt and service station operators like Applegreen, Ascona, Shell, BP, or Moto Group.

Our current rates for 36,000 litres are around the £1.25 + VAT per litre subject to location and confirmation at the time of ordering.

Specification sheet for E10 unleaded petrol fuel download

Safety data sheet download for this fuel

LubiQ Fuels is a family-run business specialising in renewable diesel (HVO), white diesel, and other fuels like kerosene heating oil and GTL diesel fuels.

To discuss your needs please get in touch at 01324 309100 or email:

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