HVO Fuel For Rail – Diesel Train Eco Renewable Diesel

The UK rail network hosts thousands of diesel-powered trains, locomotives, multiple units, and shunters that use millions of litres of diesel fuel yearly. While many schemes have been undertaken to electrify the network, this is hugely expensive so HVO diesel for trains is an interesting option.

HVO Fuel For Trains

Except for Class 59 and 66 freight locomotives that have 2-stroke Detroit powerplants (although Detroit belongs to mtu now) the British powerplant scene is dominated by 4-stroke Cummins and mtu diesel engines with a small number of English Electric or Sulzer older units.

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is a direct drop-in replacement for normal gas oil diesel that has been used in trains for decades and offers key advantages as follows:

  • A synthetic high purity fuel with almost no aromatics or sulphur, HVO burns very cleanly with far lower smoke and soot than normal gas oil fuel. It is far better for injectors and fuel systems also.
  • HVO is a fossil-free diesel made entirely from waste like animal fats or used cooking oil leading to drastic net green house gas emissions cuts of up to 90% plus substantial NOx reduction.

In trials by various TOC’s including DB Cargo, it has been shown that no alterations to fuel systems, pumps, or tanks are required so this is a very practical and environmentally sustainable train fuel solution. 

Problems recently noted on the BBC website with SW Railway diesel multiple units and FAME biodiesel blocking fuel filters could be swiftly avoided with HVO renewable diesel fuel.

HVO Diesel For Rail Use

Links to mtu and Cummins engine brand articles about HVO fuel. Email us at: oil@lubiq.uk

The supply of red HVO diesel fuel oil for traction purposes to EN 15940 or BS2869 Class A2 / EN590 for use in UK railway vehicles and locomotives marked and dyed in accordance with HMRC Regulations then give us a call.

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