We can offer delivery of HVO fuel for plant hire operations, cranes, excavators, chippers, forestry equipment, rental generators, and construction equipment.

HVO Fuel For Plant Hire

LubiQ is a super flexible family run business that can delivery in:

  • UN Approved Jerry Cans – 10 and 20 Litre
  • Fuel Pallets – 205 Litre/45 Gallons
  • Bulk Drops Of 500 Litres Or More
  • IBC Pallets (with deposit payment)

As more and more cities enact LEZ low emissions zones, building and civil engineering contractors are tending to use HVO diesel due to it offering 80% less particulate emissions and drastic cuts in green house gases. Using HVO in tippers, diggers, or pickups saves just over 2.2kg of carbon per litre burnt.

HVO diesel is also a high purity synthetic fuel that causes a lot less DPF and filter problems than standard B7 diesel with low odour and biodegradable in around 60 days.

Quick and easy to use and able to be mixed with standard diesel fuel, HVO fuel for plant hire companies is the practical way to decarbonise and offers rental firms an extra revenue stream as well. Give us a call on 01324 309100 or email: oil@lubiq.uk

You can also order online here 

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