HVO Fuel For Generators

HVO fuel for generators is becoming a fuel of choice thanks to the reduced net carbon emissions and particulate matter air pollution on building sites or at festivals. Large projects in recent years like HS2 and Crossrail have used hydrotreated vegetable oil in generators with Leroy Somer alternators.

HVO Fuel For Generators

Leading engine manufacturers like Perkins, MTU, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Scania have all passed their products for use with HVO, so it is a practical way to decarbonise with no changes to the fuel system.

Volvo Penta marine diesel engines have passed all their power plants globally for use with synthetic diesel like HVO fuel. You can download a technical report from CAT on HVO fuel on this link.

Alternative fuels such as HVO diesel are also useful in the winter months as they have higher purity and consistency and less tendency to cloud or grow algae in the generator tank. Leading events that have backup power like Glastonbury Festival, Scottish Opera etc are running on HVO diesel as it is kinder to the engine and emits 40 to 80% less particulate matter, cutting air pollution considerably.

If you need an HVO generator on rental we may be able to assist with the complete package from 50kVA to 500kVA size along with bunded fuel tanks, distribution power boards, changeover panels and cabling sets – please email us at: oil@lubiq.uk to start a discussion.

HVO Fuel For Diesel Generators

If you would like to source HVO diesel for a generator set that is on site for emergency backup or if it is running prime and you just need renewable diesel fuel, then we can help with bulk delivery of 500 litres plus or just in UN approved 20 litre jerrycans.

Have a look at this interesting video about HVO in MTU gensets to learn more of this German company’s research and development findings:

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