HVO Fuel For Data Centres

Increasingly vital in our modern age of cloud computing, data centres are an essential part of our critical infrastructure with the loss of power being potentially catastrophic. This means they are generally provided with backup diesel generators to ensure continuity of supply.

HVO Fuel For Data Centres

Due to its environmental credentials from being made from waste and the low PM emissions and exhaust smoke, HVO fuel for data centres is the perfect way to fuel your gensets. It offers:

  • Excellent storage stability with good resistance to water and diesel bug thus less need for fuel polishing costs. Can be stored without use for several years.
  • Great for cold weather use and quick starting of Kohler, MTU, Scania or Volvo generators.
  • It inherently burns much cleaner and better due to higher cetane rating and consistency as it is a synthetic (man-made) as opposed to natural fossil fuel. Reduces AdBlue usage.
  • Made from ISCC certified waste feedstocks means that fossil-free HVO offers a net green house gas emissions cut of more than 80%, sometimes as high as 90% compared to mineral diesel.

Did you know? Hydrotreated vegetable oil (also known as renewable diesel as opposed to FAME biodiesel) can be pumped around pipelines and tanks that are used for normal DERV and mixed with normal DERV fuel?

This handy characteristic means that if you have normal diesel in your tanks HVO can be added on top and be fully miscible with existing fuel. Now being used by DB Cargo, Royal Mail, and DHL in this country, the popularity of renewable diesel is growing.

HVO Fuel For Data Centers

Speak to us on 01324 309100 or email oil@lubiq.uk to get started with HVO fuel for data centers and find out more about this remarkable alternative diesel fuel.

You can download a RAMS document for fuel delivery here.

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