The Answer To Diesel Fuel Filter Problems

If you are experiencing diesel fuel filter problems, then you are not alone but higher-purity HVO diesel fuel can be a good alternative to fossil diesel. The difficulties are especially acute during the winter months according to the RAC who attend to thousands of call outs per year to sort fuel filter blocked Ford Transit vans, cars, or trucks.

Diesel Fuel Filter Problems

Unfortunately, the problems with diesel fuel filters goes quite a way beyond road vehicles with South Western Railway diesel trains being hard hit in recent weeks and GAP Plant Hire noting a big surge in problems with plant fuel quality and a Farmers Weekly blog can be seen on this link.

What Is The Problem?

In essence there is a well-meaning ‘green’ drive to blend FAME biodiesel in to mainstream refinery produced mineral diesel, normally at 7% by volume, (hence the B7 you see on the pump).

While this is only 70,000 litres of biodiesel per million litres of blended fossil DERV fuel, this is causing real headaches for fuel systems and operators.

How Can Fuel Filter Problems Be Answered?

With the standard formulation diesel fuel to EN 590 this problem isn’t likely to go away. There are various fuel additives that could assist but they won’t come cheap or really solve the problem.

One simple answer is changing to a more advanced synthetic fossil free biofuel called HVO.

The High Purity Alternative That Is Fossil-Free

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is also known as renewable diesel and while production feedstocks can be the same as biodiesel, it exhibits none of the nightmare tendencies to grow algae in tanks, perform badly in cold weather, or block fuel filters.

Where to buy HVO fuel

This is because HVO is made in a different way involving reaction with hydrogen to crack it and produce consistent molecule lengths leading to very high purity and stability.

Hydrotreated vegetable oil burns very cleanly with far less soot or smell than mineral diesel and cuts air pollution and the amount of AdBlue that you use, it is the true answer to diesel fuel filter problems. Renewable diesel performs exceptionally well in cold weather and can be stored for up to 10 years before use.

Diesel fuel filter problems

Because HVO is made from 100% waste products that include used cooking oils and animal fats, it is a true example of the circular economy and cuts net carbon emissions by over 84%.

Whether you are a plant operator, minibus company, family car owner, or have the nightmare of fuel filter blocked on a Ford Transit van, it is worth considering HVO to benefit both engines and the environment. Please have a look at our FAQ page for more information or get in touch on

Learn About Diesel Fuel Injection Video

It can be tempting to think of compression-ignition engines as low tech but that is not true! The irrepressible Destin on his Smarter Every Day YouTube channel has a very interesting video about diesel fuel injectors from John Deere, Kubota, and others along with graphic flame patterns!

You can watch it here and better understand how fine the tolerances are on injectors that atomise the diesel in a pattern that optimises combustion and smooth running.

You really are doing your engine a favour by running it on high purity and consistent HVO fuel so that diesel fuel filter problems become a thing of the past.

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