Diesel For Boats Price

If you are searching for diesel for boats price, we can help with fantastic value HVO fuel that is kinder to engines and emits far less soot and pollutants. 

The current price is between £1.70 and £3.00 + VAT per litre of white renewable diesel.

Diesel For Boats Price

A superior high purity synthetic marine diesel, hydrotreated vegetable oil is made from waste cooking oils or wood waste with great cold weather performance and the fuel will not grow diesel bug or algae in the tank.

When you are looking around for diesel for boats it is important to keep in mind that not all offer long term storage stability, and some show an alarming tendency to block fuel filters and DPFs.

Useable with any diesel engines and able to be mixed with normal diesel fuel, HVO is very clean burning and inland waterways boat owners have successfully used it in vessels from the 1930’s. Volvo Penta company have passed all their marine diesel engines for use with this remarkable fuel.

HVO Fuel For Boat

If you would like to speak further about your needs, prices, and whether our fuel is the right thing for you then please do drop us an email to: oil@lubiq.uk