Oils For Construction Machinery

Oils For Construction Machinery

Discover our extensive range of engine oils for construction machinery and cranes, tippers, and excavators.

A range of ultra modern low SAPS ACEA E9 15W 40 and 10W 30 engine oils and ISO 46 hydraulic oils and ATF are stocked for almost any earth moving equipment need as well as hydraulic hammer grease and grease gun with flexible hoses. 

Hydraulic Oils
grease gun with flexible hose

Why ‘Born in Grangemouth’?

Born In Grangemouth

Grangemouth is the home of the LubiQ brand of high performance automotive, off-highway, and plant engine oils, lubricating greases, and workshop supplies.

A small town with a huge oil refinery, busy port, and rail freight hub and handling facilities, this is a key transport, manufacturing, and chemicals manufacturing nerve centre; indeed, our immediate neighbours are Syngenta, Calachem, Piramal Pharma, Fujifilm and ED & F Man.

Having a central location that is near to both Edinburgh and Glasgow with regular container and petrochemical shipping, rail freight and advanced anti-cancer drug manufacturing makes this town perfect for a young and ambitious lubricants supplier!

We hope to be able to help you with your workshop supplies and lubricants challenges soon.