Where Can I Buy HVO Fuel?

You can buy HVO fuel here in UN-approved jerrycans or bulk delivery of 500 litres or more right into your tanks with over 80% of deliveries being made within 48 hours of order; to learn more call us on 01324 309100.

Is HVO Fuel Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it for smoother driving and a drastic cut in air pollution. Vehicles, boats, generators, forklifts, and tractors among others can use HVO diesel as a straight forward drop in alternative to standard diesel or even mix the two without needing any fuel system or engine modifications.

Where can I buy HVO fuel

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is a miracle fuel no less. Because it is a synthetic diesel (man made rather than breaking down or refining hydrocarbons) it is very consistent and stable leading to a very clean burn, smooth running, easy cold starting, and best of all more than 85% net reduction in green house gas emissions due to using 100% renewable feedstocks.

A real example of the circular economy in action, our HVO is made entirely from waste cooking oils, animal fats, and other wastes, yielding a fuel with high cetane number and flash point that performs fantastically in cold weather and can be stored for years. HVO is less flammable than standard mineral diesel.

A growing number of van, ambulance, and truck fleets are already running on HVO to de-carbonise their activities but it is not easy for family cars or small businesses to access it, our mission is to change that!

What Is The Price Of HVO Fuel?

At present it is between £1.80 and £3.00 per litre of HVO fuel, if you can return empty jerrycans we can credit you towards your next order. We supply in 10 litre and 20 litre size and in 500 litres plus bulk drops.

Where can I buy HVO fuel?

Our speciality is smaller quantities of HVO 100% renewable diesel for private households, boat owners, building sites, plant hire companies and farms, with UK wide fast delivery by courier. We can increasingly supply bulk drops of HVO or our RenHeat bio heating oil that is purely for heating and drying. 

Do Petrol Stations Sell HVO?

A small number of petrol stations do now sell HVO at the pump, we think it is approximately 4 forecourts in the UK at present. Esso is also trialling a 25% HVO blend for sale at the pump.

How Do I Order HVO Fuel?

Please follow this link to see the range of options we have and do phone us on 01324 309100 if you are wondering where can I buy HVO fuel then please do email us on: oil@lubiq.uk.van

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