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If you are looking for good quality kerosene heating oil for sale, then we can help you with a competitive price per litre and delivery anywhere in the UK.

Buy securely online here for quantities of 500 litres or more and please specify your address and delivery requirements in detail so we can quickly deliver to you, email to: oil@lubiq.uk

Kerosene 3Y 1223 is a lighter cut distillate fuel than red diesel (gas oil) or diesel that is also known as 28-second oil or home heating oil (HHO) it is one of many products distilled from crude petroleum in refineries.

There are around 7 refineries for fuel products in the UK including the large Petroineos site near to our office which handle crude that is extracted from the UKCS (continental shelf) and other sources. As well as kerosene these sites make road fuels, marine fuels, lubricants, LPG gas, and bitumen.

Do you need smaller quantities of kerosene heating oil? Our 20 litre jerrycans could be ideal for this and can be supplied on next day courier service to you. An interesting development is the growth of synthetic fossil-free renewable heating oil which is made from ISCC wastes and residues. This is an eco-friendly HHO product that burns very cleanly – ask us for more details at 01324 309100.