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Faced with the question of where to buy HVO fuel ourselves we came up with a neat answer in supplying this key green diesel alternative to your door anywhere in the mainland UK in UN approved 20 litre jerry cans.

Understandably, the other key question is HVO fuel price per litre UK and at present it stands at £4.30 + VAT per litre including delivery to your door by courier anywhere in the UK mainland.

We source our fuel locally and aim to reduce the frustration of builders, farmers, and the public searching for a small amounts of HVO diesel fuel for cars, tractors, or construction machinery and delivered fast.

If you need to source 200 litre barrels or HVO 1000 litres IBCs, then please let us know and we can quote for your needs; our speciality is small quantities delivered fast to building sites, plant hire companies and rural or agricultural applications.

The letters HVO in fuel terms stand for: ‘hydrotreated vegetable oil’ which is renewable diesel paraffinic fuel made from waste fats, cooking oils, and vegetable oils.

Our HVO fuel meets the EN 15940 standards for use as direct alternative for mineral derived diesel for generators, power washers, chippers, excavators, dumpers, concrete mixers, cars, vans, and trucks.

You can also mix HVO diesel with standard diesel fuel refined from crude oil in the traditional way and this synthetic fuel burns cleaner with over 80% reduction in carbon dioxide and 20% less nitrous oxides